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Dublin’s hottest casual Thai food diner

  • About Jaffa on the Quay

    Jaffa is Dublin’s hottest casual Thai  food diner. Situated on Burgh Quay, just a stone’s throw from O’Connell Bridge, Jaffa has some of the best taste experiences in the city.  For lovers of Thai food it is an absolute must. We try not to take ourselves to seriously and aim to make every customer interaction unique. can you put the third pic on the second square and the second pic in the third square

  • Our Thai Cuisine

    Jaffa prides itself on producing high-quality, nutritionally rich food by opting for healthy and seasonal ingredients. Our extensive Thai food menu offers a vast range of dishes with different mixtures of tastes, textures, spices and colours. We also do the best breakfast in Diblin.

  • Our Take Away

    Are you looking for a lunch to die for and be healthy at the same time? Try our fantastic thai food menu and take it back to the office.  If you like give us a call before hand and we’ll have it ready for you.