Thai Food Health Benefits

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Thai tradition is to eat as little and often. The food offers a healthy balance of carbohydrate, protein and good fats.

In a World Health Organisation survey of over 50 countries, Thailand had the lowest rate of cancer. Studies also show that Thailand has an incidence of heart attacks only 10% that of the U.S.A. The same figure also applies for diabetes and blood pressure.

Ingredient Benefits

The benefits of the ingredients far out strip any other food of it's kind.

Jasmine rice is grown using organic farming rather than conventional farming practices. The rice is suitable for consumption by vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs as it is gluten free. Rice doesn't contain any cholsterol and only trace fats. An average portion of rice contains 11% of the estimated average daily requirement of protein.

Coconut Milk contains 18% coconut oil. Coconut oil contains the healthy form of saturated fats. It does not form dangerous trans fatty acids that even olive oil does. Coconut milk contains Lauric and Capric acid. These compounds are converted by the body and have been found to have antibacterial ann antiviral qualities. This acts against various bacteria, H.I.V. And the Herpes Virus (cold sore virus). Coconut milk encourages the uptake of essential omega acids into the tissues aiding healthy skin. It has many additional health properties:

  • strengthens the immune system
  • aids development of the brain and nervous system
  • helps fight cancer and heart disease
  • promotion of bone growth
  • helps protect the liver from the effects of alcohol
  • lowers cholesterol

Benefits of Herbs and Spice

The benefits of the ingredients far out strip any other food of it's kind.

The Thai diet includes a range of herbs and spices which are relatively unknown in the West, but which for the Thais have a significant impact upon both the flavour and also the health benefits of their food. The following is a list of the commonly used herbs and spices used in the cooking of our food and the health benefits attached:


  • valuable digestive aid
  • helps ease arthritis
  • improve cardiovascular conditions
  • protects the body from bacterial infectios
  • fights skin and breast cancer


  • alleviate abdominal discomfort and pain
  • a remedy for vomiting and motion sickness
  • improves blood circulation in hands and feet
  • treats diarrhea
  • fights inflammation
  • treats ulcers and stomach ailments
  • a cure for hiccups...!!!